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Battered Doctor Syndrome

By Eugene Wrayburn MD

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Exhibit A. 

Ever wondered what a stun-gun injury looks like in an ad hoc capital punishment scenario?

These weapons pack a neuro-disruptive charge in excess of 750,000 volts. 

Hand-held assault-style stun-guns are an undercover assassin's weapon of choice. 

A blitz attacker's lethal objective will be manual strangulation before the paralysis wears off. 

Here's the kicker: you could be found to have died of natural causes. 

Situational awareness could save your life, or that of a loved one.  

Violence is a highly contagious mental illness, with a shared and often organized entitlement to kill. 

Let me tell you how ADHD helped me to survive. 

Be Safe! Be Aware! 

--- Though quite a taboo topic, homicidal violence impacts the medical profession with alarming regularity, and as the fog of pandemic morphs into vaccination and anti-vaccination controversy, the pent up frustration of violent individuals is likely to exact an even greater toll over the coming months and years.

--- Lurking behind statistics associated with violence perpetrated against doctors, are police-assisted murder conspiracies which target dissenting medical witnesses to high-profile police cover-ups. 

--- The BDS series is dedicated to the memory of murdered Irish investigative journalist Veronica Guerin, who developed a blueprint for identifying the leading figures of organized Irish crime, and who lost her life in a hail of gunfire in 1996, while returning home from a police summons to appear as a witness at a rural Irish court house.

--- No one was ever convicted for Veronica's murder, and police involvement was neither considered nor meaningfully investigated. 

--- Using Veronica's system of nomenclature, the BDS series explores the arbitrary capital punishment secrets of organized police crime in the Irish Republic, where homicide survivors are obliged to face off against some of the most sadistic and devious characters known to the annals of justice perversion. 


" . . . When I heard George Floyd calling out for his mother, as a group of Minneapolis police officers asphyxiated him on live television in 2020, I was indelibly struck by the violence of our enduring kinship in pre-death . . . " 

" . . . I had teetered on the brink between life and death by strangulation, and like George Floyd, I experienced the comfort dying people derive, from youthful memories of their mother . . . "

" . . . If George Floyd had been lucky enough to survive, I feel certain he would have incurred the humiliation reserved for minorities and appointed enemies of state, with which police brutality and supremacism likes to ice its lethal disappointments . . . " 

" . . . A victim’s shame at being victimized, forms a core element of the victimization process, and becomes part of a “Stockholm Syndrome Effect”, which predators fully exploit, particularly predators who hunt in packs, or are embedded in institutions of state . . . "  

"  . . . The ability to blame a violently disturbed third-party for the homicidal elimination of an investigative journalist, an honest police officer, or an uncooperative medical witness, will continue to represent an almost foolproof way of sustaining the lethal value of a deniable capital punishment program . . . " 

" . . . Survivalism has a unique individuality to it, in the sense that the natural tendency for third-parties to play the situation down, or to overreact, produces a distraction which alters the primal focus instinctive to monitoring an inexorably lethal threat . . . "  


The Madeline McCann Connection

Linking the disappearance of three-year old Madeline McCann to her parent's status as doctors, makes no sense on the surface. This book however, describes sickening evidence connecting patterns of organized police crime and hatred targeted at health professionals, to the predation of their children. When a known child predator was able to escape across Europe, in the days following the high-profile disappearance of a three-year old child, this suggests the presence of devious police and criminal justice elements in European police forces, similar to the monsters described in this shocking story. The similarity extends to Portuguese police sadistically re-victimizing the parents of an abducted child, by investigating them as suspects in their own child's abduction, which must have been so horrible. This book makes parents think outside the box about the safety of their children.

Totally Shocking!

Eye-witness stories of victimization are hard to tell, no matter how brutal and unjust because finding an objective perspective is impossible. In a true-crime suspense-driven narrative, this author finds a way through the jig-saw puzzle, and his masterful command of the English language reinforces many echoing descriptions which will endure as terminologies in the folklore of justice perversion. I feel I learned a lot from reading this book, and especially from the organized victimization of children described, which I believe provides a level of insight and awareness that could make the world a safer place for families.

Battered Doctor Syndrome Is Truly Sensational!

I review books for a hobby, and this book blew me away! I had to keep reminding myself that it was not a work of fiction, even though the narration used a non-linear, story style more often seen in Hollywood block-buster movies. A truly masterful element of suspense, straddles a very disturbing story, so raw and real, no one could have invented it. This is a big hunk of a book, and something I had never tried before, was to read along on my Nook, while listening to an audiobook version in my earbuds. This felt so good, it made me feel like I was cheating. I thoroughly recommend this book to lawyers, doctors, nurses and anyone with an interest in how criminal justice can be manipulated.

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If the BDS narrative upsets you, please consider putting a local BDS group together
to monitor police, judicial and prosecutorial behavior in your area.

"Preventing a justice perversion, is immeasurably easier than reversing an established miscarriage of justice".  

The relationship between police brutality, justice perversion and covert capital punishment, is cultural. 

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